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New Work Available from Kasey Perkins

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

At this summer’s end-of-session reading, our guest author was local poet, Kasey Perkins. She read from her soon-to-be released book of poetry, WHEN THE DEAD GET MAIL (Finishing Line Press, 2018). Pre-ordering is now available at Finishing Line Press.

Kasey Perkins is a collider of worlds: the imaginary with reality, compassion with pain, the dead with the living. These collisions result in new amalgams, new elements, new realities in which past and present, love and pain, real and unreal intermingle. These are poems of the yearning heart, poems of what is and what might be, poems that teach us how to cope in the face of loss and want and change. These poems invite us to see the world, and all that we need from it, again, anew.

–Shane Seely, author of The Surface of the Lit World, History Here Requires Balboa, and The Snowbound House